10 High-Value Currencies In The World

10 high-value currencies in the world are following. Many people think that the British dollar has much value from all others but they are wrong. Following are these mention below from bottom to top.

Top 10 High-Value Currencies List

10 High-Value Currencies

10-United States dollar USD

Surprisingly at the bottom of the list even though it is the most traded currency in the world over the last few years USD values are but have no strength but it is the most trading company. Indian Rupees Many consider this as the most valuable currency in the world Asian owning the US as a superpower nation.

9-Swiss francs CHF

The Swiss franc uses different colors in it. It is the richest country in the world and has a stable bank system.

  • One CHF or Swiss franc is equal to 74.75 rupees


Euro is also one of the biggest high currency value from 10 high-value currencies in the world. It is a currency of eurozone which has 19-28 members of the state.

  • One euro is equal to 84.45 rupees.

7-Caymanian Dalek I’d theCayman

Caymanian dollar currently has the island dollar. Currently, the kite is the seventh highest-valued currency unit in the world as of the 8th of December 2018.

One kite is equal to seventy-eight point four three eight in rupees.

6-Gibraltar Pound Chip

Gibraltar pound currently has of Gibraltar. Its value rate is same as the British pound and also exchangeable.

  • one GIP pound is equal to 94.85 rupees.
  • It has 7 number from 10 high-value currenciesin the world.

5-GBP Great Britain Pound

Great Britain pound is the world most famous trading currency.

  •  One GBP is equal to 94.86 rupees.

The united kingdom pounds same as GBP can be exchangeable. In foreign exchange marketing, it is the fourth country.


Jordanian dinars use as a currency of Jordanian people and in Israel in the same way. Shekel as well.

  •  one Jordanian dinar approximately equal to ninety point nine three in INR.

3-Omani Rial

Is the only country that used the Omani rial. Oman sees the economy is very stable because of the powerful oil and gas industries.

One Omani rial is equal to one hundred andsixty-seven point one six rupees.

2-Bahraini Dinar

Bahrain actually had the fastest growing economy in the Arab world. It is valuable for stable diversity economic.

  •  OneBahrain dinar is equal to 193.45 rupees.
  • It is the only country that uses its owndinar no one other use Bahrain dinar.

1-Kuwaiti Dinar

KWD the leader of the 10 high value currencies in the world for a long time. Kuwait dinar is the most valuable currency in the world.KWD is the official currency of Kuwait

One KWD is equal to a whopping two hundred and twelve point two six two rupees.

 In the world, Kuwait possesses the fourth highest country per capita.

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