Amazon Product Review Tips

Did you know there are many people who work as successful amazon affiliates?

And easily make $100 to $25000 from their Amazon affiliate website.

Don’t worry, you too can generate good revenue from your Amazon affiliate sites once you start writing high quality and VALUABLE product reviews.

In this guide, I will walk you through different steps on how to write a killer Amazon product review (that will get you some decent sales) and help you build your brand!

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So without any further let’s get started.

16 Tips to Write a Killer Amazon Product Review

So let’s start with our tips to write a killer Amazon product review

Give a damn

So many times I had to outsource work for my clients (I couldn’t possible handle all the work single handedly), I felt that even though the writers were writing content, doing the research, putting in the effort, but their content lacked something.

And you know what was that?

It seemed they didn’t give a damn.

They didn’t care enough.

They didn’t empathize enough.

They didn’t understand the intensity of the problem enough.

And that’s why their content failed.

Their copies failed.

Their copies sounded either sales or pushing hard to sell, or simply as cold as meat.

Their content didn’t do what it was meant to do – it didn’t stir any feelings or EMOTIONS – so, we can safely assume the copy wasn’t written well.

I remember reading it somewhere, that people’s decision to buy something is based on emotion and they justify with logic.

I also came across an intriguing post related to this, Neuroscience Confirms We Buy on Emotion & Justify with Logic, where it gives an interesting example of how human brains works,

Go to the water fountain down the hall and get a drink.” After seeing the message, the subject would get up and start to leave the room, and that’s when the scientist would trick the brain and deliver a message to the opposite left side of the brain asking “Where are you going?” Now, remember, the left side of the brain never saw the message about the fountain. But did the left brain admit it didn’t know the answer or say here’s my best guess? No, instead it shamelessly fabricated a rational reason and said “It’s cold in here. I’m going to get my jacket.”

Target the pain points

Your copy should be crafted around your audience’s pain points.

Research their pain points, and understand what’s causing them pain.

When you target the issues that are causing them pain, this will get them interested, and you will get their attention.

Of course, without understanding their pain, you can never offer them a solution.

Your focus should not be getting sales but to help to solve your audience’s problems. And that’s how you can earn your share too.

Sell without selling

Okay, just because you are writing a review post, doesn’t mean you have to push hard.

The moment your readers realize that you are keen on selling them, they won’t buy from you.

So, you need to be smart in your tactics. You should adopt the sell without selling approach.

Your content should be PERSUASIVE in its tone, but shouldn’t force buyers to buy from you.

Rather, your content should be something that makes them see the product the way you want them to see it, or the way you want to see it. And its not bluffing, right?

And honestly, just because you will earn a small fraction of commission out of it doesn’t mean you go around recommending low quality or bad products. Its not good for your future business. You and your brand will lose the trust of your customers.

And no trust = no business = no chances to grow your brand.

hence, make sure that the products you recommend should be of top-notch quality.

Cut the crap

Don’t fill your content with fluff. Keep it highly relevant and focusing on the buyer’s needs.

It shouldn’t be about you. It should be about your buyer.

It’s okay to narrate a personal experience, but it should not dominate the whole post, because, if you do, it would sound as if you don’t care about their problems and need, you only care about you and your experiences.

Adopt a friendly tone

I have emphasized this point many times in my previous posts too. it’s all about being friends with your readers.

You don’t have to adopt a formal tone (it’s a big turn off).

Adopt a tone that sounds friendlier and easier to understand.

Adopt a tone that you normally adopt while advising a friend, as if you are ACTUALLY talking to a friend.

If you are still having difficulty adopting this kind of tone, then, maybe you can imagine this scenario, your friend needs to buy a product, and he/she needs your advice, focus on how you would help to solve your friend’s problem.

See, how easy it was?

Keep it short and precise

Your buyers are busy, they have errands to run, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend.

Do you think they have time to read your LONG guide? Of course not!

So just concentrate on keeping it, SHORT. PRECISE. TO THE POINT and RELEVANT.

Make it in-depth

Do proper research before writing your content, you should know who your targeted audience is.

For example,

  • Which country do they belong to?
  • How are they like, are they too conservative or liberal?
  • What is the age criteria they fall in?
  • What is it they are looking for in a product?

In fact, what I have noticed is many business owners clearly do not understand their audience.

They don’t spend enough time researching well their targeted audience.

You as a copywriter/content writer/ business owner should know the right age categories or other demographic factors your right audience could be falling in.


Once you achieve the above.

 Then, make sure you go in-depth to answer every possible question they are SEARCHING for.

Your ONLY focus should be to help solve their problems.

As I said, make it about them ONLY.

Write in a simple language

You don’t have to sound smart to get their attention.

You just have to write in a language that’s easy to understand.

No jargon, no ambiguities.

Just simple language that’s easy even for a five grader to understand.

Your targeted audience are common people, you have to come down to their level.

You have to communicate your ideas in a way that’s easy for them to understand.

If they don’t understand if they can’t make sense, what’s the whole point of your copy?

Don’t stuff the keyword unnecessarily

I have seen many people forcing the keywords just to get ranked high in SERPs.

But what they do is they ruin a great copy, they break the natural flow of the content by excessively trying to push in the keyword.

I understand keywords have to be added. Your SEO COPY should have the relevant keywords, and LSI’s, but they should appear naturally. You shouldn’t have to force them.

So how do we add keywords then, you might ask?

  • Add the keywords once you are done writing a copy, and only keywords where they FIT naturally (without forcing their way).
  • Make natural sentences containing your focused keywords.

User Intent — Make it about your audience

Many bloggers are ranked high, yet they experience low conversions rates or low bounce rates, wondering why?

Because you are NOT targeting what your users are looking for.

You are not meeting the USER INTENT.

Now user intent isn’t just met by targeting a few relevant keywords.

User intent is only met you are targeting relevant keywords with relevant content.

Without relevant, and high-quality content, you can never convert, especially if your competitors are offering better value than you.

Make your content readable

The last thing your buyer wants is reading boring college essays.

You really need to make your content readable for boring topics, technical topics are not sexy by default.

So how you make it appealing for them really prove your ability as a writer.

Mostly readers skimp through the content, so make sure to add features in the form of subheadings (that really help readers quickly read the post and read about things they are really interested in).

In fact, if I myself stumble upon many websites, where I see long paragraphs with boring content, I instantly get turned off.

People hate reading, they would rather watch a video.

So, how can you write content in a way that it offers better readability?

  • Divide your content into small chunks. (Long paragraphs are scary)
  • Use bullet points (it makes easier for the readers to read your content)
  • One idea, per line (makes it easy to digest the information)
  • Bolden the important quotes and words you want to emphasize on (so they don’t skimp through the content).
  • use a table of content at the top of your post. (so readers quickly read what they are mainly interested in).
  • Crack a joke (humor makes content enjoyable for readers to read).
  • Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, even if it means breaking a grammatical rule or two.
  • Use odd numbers in your headings (it’s known to get the reader’s attention).
  • Go in-depth, but keep your sentences short, precise, and to the point. (More words, the lesser value they offer).
  • Make use of imagery (powerful adjectives).
  • Ask a lot of questions to make readers pay attention.
  • If your content is long, make sure to add a lot of images, infographics, and gifs to keep the reader’s attention.
  • Add relevant examples from daily life.


Sometimes what you can’t sell through simple words, can be sold through storytelling.

Adding a personal narrative or someone else’s story about how the product used to be useful can add a lot of value.

So don’t be afraid to add personal stories to sell (just don’t overdo it).

Connect with your audience

Your content should sound be persuasive, it should have the power to connect with your audience.

Some people are naturally good at it, while some have to put in the extra effort.

If your readers are not able to RELATE and CONNECT with you, then you are not a great COPYWRITER, and that’s why you can’t sell.

And how can you connect with your audience?

By not sounding fake (you should sound sincere and REAL).

It should appear you know what you are talking about (you should sound authority on the subject). Not someone stating things Out of thin air

You must carry out an emphatic tone throughout the content. (Don’t adopt different tones within the same post).

Give unbiased review (if you are mentioning pros, then you should also mention the cons).

Educate your readers

Just because you are an affiliate marketer and you are writing to sell, doesn’t mean your post should be purely transactional.

Educate your readers as you go.

Even before you give a review, educate your readers about the usage and benefits of the product.

Write a proper guide on how and why to use the product, what are the advantages and what possible side effects they should expect.

Mention every feature of the product (even a small one) that goes in favor of the product. Don’t assume that buyers might already know about it. It’s your responsibility to educate readers about each and everything feature the product comes with.

When you put everything out in front of them, this will help you win the trust of your potential buyers.

Give them a reason to invest in the product and take out time to read your post.

Add real-life experiences and reviews

There’s no substitute for real-life examples and experiences.

 You can actually go to social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, and Quora and ask people about their life experiences, and add those experiences within your own content.

You can also personally use the product (but I know it’s impossible to invest in all the products to review, until and unless someone sends you to review it), so it’s better to go with the first option, but remember, personal experiences and case studies add a lot more value and help people developing in trust your brand.

You can also reach out to those with products, ask them for samples, and offer them to review their products. You get a free product, they get free publicity, it’s a win-win for both of you.

You must have seen many foods and travel bloggers using the same strategy, it’s working out pretty for them. And you can use it too.

Build a brand people trust – A GOTO brand!

Real brands are not TEMPORARY. They forever stay in business.

Because real businesses are built on one factor that’s TRUST.

So even if you able to capture sales in the beginning years, but you will soon run out of business, if you don’t add value in the lives of people, you are only interested in earning a commission for yourself, and you don’t give much thought to,

  • Are the products I am recommending worth investing the money in?
  • Are these the best products to recommend to someone?
  • Are these products even safe to use?
  • Does the product come with a warranty, do they offer support?
  • Have they been tested and have good reviews in the market?

A little more time spent more in research will reward you by creating a relationship with your readers based on trust and having them consistently visit your site, and share your guides with others too.

With that we have come to the end of the post, I hope you found the guide useful, if you have any tips of your own, I would love to hear them out. Cheers.

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  2. If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes. Aaren Reggis Sela


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