Top 10 Beauty Products Every Girl Should Have

Make up is the good thing that can support the woman’s look. We collect Top 10 Beauty Products that Women must have.

Top 10 Beauty Products Every Woman Needs

Top 10 Beauty Products Every

Here are the list of top ten list beauty products that should be in woman’s bag.

1. The Powder

Powder at no 1st in top 10 beauty products for Women, Powder is the basic thing that woman should have. Without the powder, the face will be pale. You can choose the types of powder based on the characteristics of your face. There will be the compact powder and the pure powder. It will be depended on the needs. When you have a mobile activities, it’s better for you to choose the compact powder because it stays longer on the face.

2. Hand Body Lotion

This Lotion can keep your skin smooth. Through the moisturizer, it can be a good protection especially to the air conditioner that makes your skin dry.  You can refer on certain part of the body that you think needs a special attention.

3. Sun Block

This Make up kit is really needed especially if you are the mobile person. The threat to get the skin cancer will be one of the reason to make you use the sun block. It doesn’t mean that the sun block is only used when you swim, doing the activity outside also requires the sun block.

4. Lipstick

This kind of make up kit will make feel fresh in any kind of situation. You can wear the lipstick on based on the heart’s mood. When you are confident enough, you can wear on the light color.  Some soft colors can be put on when you need to have an elegant situation.

5.  Mascara

Be ready with this type of eyes correction. I believe that you are going to be thankful with this type aye correction since it can make the correction to your eyes and make it bright although you are having less sleep.

6. Body Cologne

I believe that you want to keep your body has a good smell. Therefore, the body cologne will keep the good smell although you have done so many activities.  You can choose the different types of good smell according to your taste. They will be available in a fruit passion or the flower one.

7. Eye Shadow

Put some eye shadow so that the texture of your beautiful eyes will look very special. Eye shadow can be useful for supporting the theme of your clothes.

8.  Blush On

Make your face gets fresh by using the blush on. This kind of make up tools can make your face looks fresh. However, you need to be careful because it can be over when you do not know the techniques in applying the blush on.

9.  Make up Base

if you want to make your face smooth, you have to always bring the make up base.  This make up tools are really useful especially when you do not have time to apply the powder. Before the powder is being applied on your face, don’t forget about it.

10.  Mirror

Perhaps, the place that you visit has no mirror, it can be used the one that you bring. This kind of make up tools are really needed to make your make up gets smooth. Don’t forget to ask the other opinion from the outsider to get some feed back.

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