Top 10 Best Bungee Jumping Locations in the World

Bungee jumping is fun and challenging . For one who is the best fan of Bungee jumping, some of these sites must be familiar. Here`s top 10 best bungee jumping locations in the world. The cosmetic aspects of the sites is the heights.

Top 10 Best Bungee Jumping Locations in the World

Top 10 Best Bungee Jumping Locations

1. Ledge Urban Bungee, Queens Town NZ

Ledge Urban has a beautiful scenery, green forest and is known for its one of a kind runway jumping style. At height 47m, Ledge Urban is a magnet for all bungee jumper.

Ledge Urban Bungee

2. Graskop Gorge, South Africa

For the hardcore bungee jumping fans, this site is one of their favorite. Standing 18-19 storey high, Graskop Gorge gives a peerless free fall offer to all jumpers.

Graskop Gorge Jumping

3. Alta Villa tower Brazil

Alta Villa tower at Lima Brazil is magnet for site seers and bungee jumpers. The height is 71 meters and it is surrounded by Belo Horizonte mountain.Great view and Great height, that you can`t ask for more?

Alta Villa tower Brazil

4. Corinth Canal, Greece

Corinth Canal is a connector between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. In other time, this connector is main element to find best bungee jumping challenge.The height is 79 meters down and the scenery is awesome.

Corinth Canal

5. Pont De Ponsonnas, France

If you wan to jump from the edge of a deep suspension bridge here they are, Pont De Ponsonnas can give you rush adrenalin from its 100m deep down ravine.

Pont De Ponsonnas

6. Navajo Bridges, USA

Navajo bridge is located around beautiful location of Marble Canyon,Colorado. The bridge is rising 142 from the canyon floor. That is a good magnet for Bungee jumpers around US and the world.

Navajo Bridges

7.Perrine Bridge, USA

Perrine Bridge has a Clearance 486 feet/148 m below and is surrounded by the magnificent view of Twin Falls around the bridge. All year round, this bridge is welcoming all bungee jumpers.

Perrine Bridge

8. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Out of America we have Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. With clearance 216 m below this bridge is facilitated with bungee jumping venue to attract tourist from around the world.

Bloukrans Bridge

9. Macau Tower, China

If you know how to “ sky jumping” properly and never visit Macau tower before, I suggest you to try them. This tower is standing 338 m. Once you stand on the top spot of this tower, you can fly like a new bird for view seconds.

Macau Tower

10. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

For the most exciting bungee jumping location where are back to America. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is located above Arkansas river and has a clearance 321 m below. Jumping from the edge of this bridge, must be giving an exceptional experience. Read also about Pakistan beautiful cities here.

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge

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