Top 10 Largest Pakistan Beautiful Cities

Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world when it comes to population. It is also a big country when it comes to land. We are going to discuss top 10 largest Pakistan beautiful cities.

Top 10 Largest Pakistan Beautiful Cities

Here are the list of Cities.


1. Lahore

Lahore has its own traditions and is often known as the heart of Pakistan. If you plan to travel the country this is a must place to visit. The infrastructure and the public transport of this city are best in the country. it is cleaner and greener and the crimes rate are far less than other cities. There are all five seasons in it so you can enjoy the visit of Lahore.


2. Karachi

This is the second beautiful city in the country in Karachi which is the industrial hub of the country. Karachi is often called educational hub of South Asia. Lahore and Karachi have many common things like culture and lifestyle but in some of the things, Karachi surpasses Lahore which is beaches, ports and beautiful seasons. It is also the biggest city in the country.


3. Faisalabad

You will feel a clear change when it comes to Faisalabad. The culture of the city is very unique, Lahore and Karachi somehow changed their culture but Faisalabad is keeping its old Punjabi culture intact. The people are very charming and hospitable. The eight bazaar and Ghanta Ghar are worth a visit. It does not stand equal to Lahore and Karachi but it is worth a visit. It is also known for the textile industry.

Pakistan Beautiful Cities

4. Peshawar

The people of Peshawar are extremely hospitable. The city sacrificed a lot when it comes to peace and had many bomb blasts in past. It is also known as the city of flowers and is very beautiful. This is also the gateway to central Asia.


5. Multan

The city of saints is located in the southern part of Punjab. It is a very peaceful city with lot things to see. People are very hospitable.


6. Islamabad

The capital of city is very beautiful and ranked among some of the beautiful cities of the country. It is the most modern city with the natural beauty of Margalla as well.


7. Hyderabad

This one is a calm and cool city which offers a lot to the tourists. The city is often named as the city of kings and if you ever visit it do taste the foods of the city.


8. Rawalpindi

When it comes to the population the city is ranked 4th in the country. It is also a modern and green city of the country. The city had a lot of traffic and people from far off areas are working in this city. The 4 seasons of the country makes it a good place to visit.


9. Sialkot

This is also an industrial city when it comes to sports and other goods. The garments and surgical industry of the city are very famous. This is also the city of Iqbal the poet of the country.


10. Gujranwala

The people of this city are very courageous. The foods of the city are very tasty. Gujranwala is also known as the city of pehlwans. The city has a lot of industry as well in it. The city was founded in the 18th century and was a state of the Maharajah Rangeth Singh.


These are top 10 Pakistan beautiful cities of the country.Have you ever visit any of them if yes do share your experience in the city? If you think some other city is more beautiful than do mention that as well.

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