Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World

Today the topic is top 10 poorest countries in the World. Money has much importance in every personal life. Without it, survival of life can’t be possible. Money fulfills all necessaries of life it gives us shelter, food, and clothes, education even in these era kids and children also known money importance and they know that without money life cannot be run.

Poorest countries do not have the capacity to fulfill these requirements and they also face many other problems besides them like in that country’s people are illiterate have no knowledge about life even have no roof on the head. They lived in same as people love from 1000 years ago. Even they do not know how they eat and how they overcome hunger tomorrow or coming days. Sometimes, they sleep without eating something and this is very strange. Their children are malnourished and suffering in many diseases due to the high poverty level. Below are illustrated poorest countries in the world. That has a very deplorable life.

Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World

Top 10 Poorest Countries

Here is the Top 10 List to Poorest Countries in the World.

1. Mozambique

At Number one poorest country in the world is Mozambique. This country does most struggle to become a good one but since last 50 years population of this country still living in poverty. They are unable to improve their skills introduce the educational system.  Even in the rural area, only 7-8 percent people have the facility of sanitation and electricity. Less than 50 % of children are going to school on their own behalf and do work in fields and agriculture in the evening to run their houses.

Its GDP per capita is 415.72.

2. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of that country that is growing 10 % annually but still, it is the poor one. its poverty rate is 41% and many Ethiopians live in many verse condition. Draughts and other disasters become.

  • Its GDP per capita is 767.56 USD.

Ethiopians people poor and they have no sanitary conditions, no windows, and doors, washrooms for their protection. Its poverty rate is 33 %. Ethiopia is very clear from poorest countries in the world.


3. Tajikistan

Tajikistan struggled increases day by day but it is still the poorest country in the world its poverty rate never overcome from 31% despite many trials. The education system is developed 98 % but in very low rate means to say a school has the education system only primary to the middle, some have above but everyone cannot afford it. 44% of people are unhealthy. this country never progresses since last few years. , that’s why it includes in poorest countries in the world.

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4. Haiti

In Haiti earthquake come in January 2012  that leads toward many problems and over 10 million population have no shelter and foods for life. Many environmental issues are growing day by day include severe deforestation, food insecurity, insufficient protection of the environment, unhygienic conditions, and many others.

  • In Haiti, AIDS is the leading cause of death that is 5.8 %.

5. Yemen


Yemen is the poorest country from Arab countries.


  • Its GDP per capita is 660.28 USD.

The main reason is education hygiene and illiteracy. Even many people spent the day in 2$ only Yemen children are malnourished and have stunted growth due to lack of food and 41.2% people are still living in poverty despite many benefits of Arab countries.

  • It spent more than 6% of GDP on the military.

6. Uganda


  • Its GDP per capita is 738 USD.

From last few years, the economy rate is very low and it is suffering in poverty its poverty rate is 19.1 % which is not too much but has much. Uganda poverty reason is army conflict. Its health status is very poor even 40 % children die before birth due to lack of food.


7. Uzbekistan

It is an Asian country who become separate after the separation of the Soviet Union. This country has many trading points for gas, oil and many export things but still, it is in the poverty line. It’s 12.6% population live in poverty line. In this country, 32.92 million people live. And the low birth rate is 50 %.

  • Its GDP is 48.72 USD.

8. Tanzania

Its economy rate is very poor and gets no progress from the last few years.

  • Its GDP USD is 1112

its population is 57.31 %. 61% of Tanzania school has no developed education system. And 50 % of teachers are missing their classes in school time that is a major loss of the coming generation. Tanzania poverty reason is poor health conditions, insufficient nutrition intake and unhealthy environment that is 35 %.

9. Malawi

It is one of the poorest countries in the world. Malawi big reason of poverty is a flood, draughts and attack of diseases in which

  • HIV is worst one and 90,000 people of Malawi suffering in it.

Agricultural productivity is the chief contribution in Malawi. Today more than 6.5 million people are hungry due to insufficient food and lack of money. Due to these circumstances, the average life expectancy of people is 63 years only.

10. Kyrgyzstan

It has number last from poorest countries in the world. Due to corruption and many others attack it gets freedom in 1991.

  • Its GDP is 1222 and the poverty rate is 31.2 %.

The main reason of its poverty is no more Soviets, lack of agriculture development and lack of financial resources. Due to financial resources 60 % poverty in Kyrgyzstan and two- thirds of the population live in rural areas and has no partition on veterinary and agriculture working due to this it can not be grown.

Poorest countries in the world are explained above and they have many effects on the overall world population and do unable to grow their neighbor countries. After study this you may know that every country GDP, its population ratio, health status, food security, technology, and resources affect the poverty of the countries.


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