Top 10 Richest Countries In The World

The richest country never means that it is the biggest one from others. Richest countries in the world are categorized on the base of GDP and their trade ratio or income per years either it is the small one or big one. Price of oil drop also categorizes the country like in these days Qatar is number one due to its GDPA or oil drop rat. Richest country is well-developed one and not easily ups and down it is a very stable one and also helps its neighbor countries in form of trading and product exchange programmed. Countries power and richness depends upon GDP rate of that country. Economic growth rate.

Top 10 Lists of Richest Countries In The World

Here are some richest countries in the world are illustrated below according to its GDP and income per year.

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

1. Qatar

It is the small Eastern Middle country and ranked one of the richest countries in the world.

    • Its total GDP 124,930 which is very much according to population.
  • Its population 2.27 million.

Qatar country is classified by as very advanced and developed country. In 1920 it includes in the poorest country but after too much struggling it becomes number one. One of the main reason is that Qatar has many low population rates and its income level high three times from a population.

2. Macau

Macau is the 2nd richest country in the world.

  • it has per Capita GDP is USS 122.489

It is the special administrative region of China. Residence of this city people receives a cheque from the government.

  • It has 65,000 population

And it is well famous due to luxurious cousins of foods, hosting car race events and many concerts. This country has its own mini law’s, role and states.

3. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the third richest country in the world and the smallest one from European Union and biggest share for immigration.

  • Its minimum wage is around 2000 euro and a maximum is 5000 euro

It is only famous for money. Its GDP is twice from Australia. This country has a high quality of life and facial heaven.

4. Singapore

This country plays important role in export and that’s why it is the top richest country in the is rapidly develop from low-income country to a high one.

  • 20-25% income of Singapore due to its manufacturing processes and trading with other countries.

Even it has no value in the agriculture industry it is famous due to its food and even imported drinking water supply.

5. Ireland

It is a famous musician country per capita in the world. It is the second wealthiest country from Eur-ozone and enlists in the richest countries in the world.30 years ago Ireland is the poor one like other countries. Other are there and Ireland does progress day by day. It has many lavish companies that do work for its progress and Ireland pay them a very huge amount of money. It is the richest  country in the world, most expensive and high prices of item four-time high from other developed countries.

6. Norway

  • Its GDP is 70,590 USD.

It has many oil and gas pretty exchange and in this city, many people income is very high. This country uses its resources in many good ways. Due to high development country, its educational status is very high approximately 98 % of people getting the education from this 50 % are getting free through scholarships.

7. Kuwait

It is one of the richest countries in the world due to the high trading of oil. It has 4 million population.  From last few years its oil trading rate getting low therefore, it enlists in the last numbers.

  • Kuwait GDP per capita is 69,670 $.per capita capital
  • Gross income is about 50,00 $.
  • In the gulf, it is the second highest country after Qatar.

8. United Arab Emirates

UAE become independent in 1971 at this time more oil present in these countries. UAE only one who has trading port no other one have it.

  • Its GDP is 68,250$.

Its main reason for development and rapid progress is strong religious beliefs, educational background, and multinational talented companies.

9. Switzerland

This country has implemented policies to get progress. Switzerland has many food items and prepares them that are very famous and trading of these occur all around the world. And this country starts to receive the text to become a powerful one.

  • It has 8 million population

This is a very strong country its policy is own making and roles govern by an army that never breaks by everyone.

  • Its expenditure on health is 11.7 % its health and nutrition system is well developed.

Therefore, enlist in the richest country in the world.

10. Hong Kong

It becomes part of China in 1997 and enlist in the richest countries in the world. This is very short one main aim of getting separation from China to increase the income level and develop its own identity. It is a very beautiful country.

  • Its GDP per capita is 46139,61 USD.

This is as a motivation how richest countries in the world get progress and how all are work for the country well being and more progression.

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