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Hi, today’s topic is white hat hacker. Before knowing this we should know that what is hacking and how it is work. You have heard many times in life company data hacked by someone, or famous personality accounts hacked by some people.

At the beginning of the digital age, hackers were enthusiasts probing to see what was possible with emerging at very early only phone hackers are present. That hacked phone data by using their skills in 70’s Steve Wozniak start a revolution in computers by hacking. But with the passage of time, this work growing up. And nowadays many great hackers play the very vital role at international level. Even they stole the data from Apple computers and Mac Book also. And today we classify individual hackers by the hats that they wear which we assign based on their intentions the colors are many.

What are White Hat Hacker?

White hat hacker are mainly security researchers and penetration testers. White hat hacker people have a very unique job like to look after the company and its working. Who pays them for their services. Some white hat hackers have discovered massive security holes that could have affected a lot of people.white hats constantly compete with black hats but they are better from those due to their work and uniqueness.white hats are computer security guards they test systems for the level of protection.white hat hackers total salary is approximately $24,460-$132,322.

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5 Most Famous White Hat Hacker All The Times

White Hat Hacker

Stephen Wozniak

Stephen Wozniak the great was as many white hat hackers call him. he developed his interest in technologies and computer day by day in spite of many restrictions and objection. This person does those things which may never be di by others. And make a sample and inspiration for others.

Tim Berners-lee

Tim Berners-lee is well known around the world as the founder of the web. We use the World Wide Web no wonder that this man invented his first computer using on. He becomes president of data entering hacker from 2012.

Linna stovall’s

Linna Stovall’s created Linux operating system which many of us use. At the beginning this system was about to be called as freaks using the combination of words. Freaking free luckily. Nowadays we know it as Linux as Lyn we himself once said that white hat hacker.

Tsutomu Shimomura

Among all white hat hacker, he is one of the good and best examples. Many black hats have entered the ranks of white hats at Tsutomu Shimomura caught Mitnick with flying colors hacking Mitnick’s phone good job catching Black Knight currently Shimomura is CEO and CTO of neo fertile system.

Rafay Baloch

Is a Pakistani ethic hacker and security researcher. He completed his degree from Bahria University Karachi. Rafay was known as a very famous hacker from the Android operating system. He has been doing security research for over 7 years.

As above you people read the detail information about white hat hackers, hope so you get benefits from it and give others also.

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